Love The Little Ones is celebrating 4 birthdays on Sunday, August 27th beginning at 3pm at Lake Norman. Let us know if you want to join the fun & help with gifts. Thank you! :) Wishlists: Jayleen will be 12 years old: Black & white converse high tops (size 8); Black & white joggers (Large); Adidas jacket (Large); Cookie cake Jaylin will be 12 years old: Pink Nike Shoes (size 10); Adidas pants (small); head bands; chocolate cake Williametta will be14 years old: Red & white Heroches; mp3 player; help paying for dance classes; cheesecake Ethan will be12 years old: 3D’s game system with Mario Kart 8 game; Amazon gift card to buy karate shoes; Flash T-shirt (size 16 boys); Ice cream cake